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In our laboratory we are interested in understanding the neural processing involved to achieve vision. We focus on the first steps of vision: retinal and post retinal pathways. Particular attention is given to color and brightness perception and how early processing affects it (for example, the mechanisms of light adaptation). Also, we study pupillometry as a biomarker of retinal functioning to early detect diseases affecting the retina.
We approach these subjects with experimental techniques such as psychophysics, pupillometry, and electroretinography, and using computational methods, such as natural image statistics.
Our lab belongs to the Basic and Applied Vision Group of the Institute of Research in Light, Environment, and Vision (ILAV, by its acronym in Spanish), double dependency institute (National University of Tucumán, UNT, and National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, CONICET), Argentina.


Pablo A. Barrionuevo

B.S.(E.E.), M.Sc., Ph.D

Associate Researcher
Institute of Research in Light, Environment, and Vision (ILAV), UNT - CONICET.
ORCID, Scopus, Scholar
Keywords: Vision, Photoreceptors, Melanopsin, Color, Brightness, Adaptation, Pupillometry.

María Leonor Sandoval

B.S.(BiolS), Ed.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Researcher
Institute of Research in Light, Environment, and Vision (ILAV), UNT - CONICET & Institute of Research in Argentine Biodiversity (PIDBA), UNT.
ORCID, Scopus, Scholar
Keywords: Biological Specimens, Color Deterioration, Color Patterns, Mammals, Pelage, Taxonomy, Vision.

Constanza Tripolone


Senior Ph. D. Candidate
Institute of Research in Light, Environment, and Vision (ILAV), UNT - CONICET.
Keywords: Chromatic Pupillometry, Glaucoma, Retina, Non-invasive Diagnosis Techniques

José Fanchini

B. A.

Junior Ph. D. Candidate
Institute of Research in Light, Environment, and Vision (ILAV), UNT - CONICET.
Keywords: Chromatic Adaptation, Color grading, Spectral Imaging


    • Luis Issolio: Independent Researcher ILAV
    • Iñaki Cormenzana Mendez: Software Developer
    • Bárbara Silva: Colorimetry Lab Manager
    • Mariano Campos: Technical assistant
    • Andrés Martín: Associate Researcher ILAV
    • Oscar Preciado: Assistant Researcher ILAV
    • Agustín Gutierrez: Undergraduate student


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